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We increased all our client's sales with one change.


A hand to hold. Also known as LiveChat.

The reality is that your website can never answer 100% of the questions potential customers will have on it's own. If you're not extending an immediate hand out to these customers at crucial points in their shopping experience, you are losing out on a lot of money.

This is the theory we had to prove before we sent out another one of our website improvement emails to our clients and subscribers. We'd seen LiveChat software on a few websites but we dismissed it's benefit. We figured, if it worked, everybody would be using it. Well it works, and everybody isn't using it. It's strange, but we're happy to help our clients pick up all the forgotten customers.

LiveChat offers a free 14 day trial and this gave us just enough time to convince some clients of it's benefit. Except, we didn't have to do any convincing in the end. Here's how it worked out with two of our clients in the beauty industry. Both at different stages with their online stores.

Case Studies

Miyi Hair

A client of two years, who have seen huge success since we built their store in 2014. They made around £32,000 in sales last month, and we're constantly working together on ways to increase that number.

They had an ever increasing amount of email enquiries from potential customers, and it was getting pretty difficult to keep a lid on those enquiries. After we installed LiveChat, they saw email enquiries drop from around 20 customers per day to 7, and 31 chat enquiries came in. This means 11 potential customers never reached out if they had a question, and it's not their fault. That's a serious loss in sales.

The best part was their amazing support team managed to hand-hold 9 customers into a purchase. We predict a 180% - 190% increase in sales if this happens everyday.


Now this is a similar company in a completely different position. We just soft-launched their website a week ago, and they haven't hit their first sale. We began tracking the traffic to figure out what was happening. We noticed visitors weren't on the site for more than 10 seconds before they left. Easy. Muremi doesn't have what they're looking for. How do we find out what they're looking for? LiveChat. We installed the chat on the homepage and configured it to immediately engage the potential customer.

10 minutes after LiveChat was configured, they had their first enquiry.

A customer wanted something that Muremi wasn't selling. The brand could easily begin selling this product. They promised the customer they'd have the product listed within a week and hand-held her through an off site checkout. First Sale!

Customers you find

  • Deal hunters. Customers who have a few sites opened up, but are hunting for a discount. If you're available to talk, they will ask for a discount. Put together a small discount for them, and they might just use it.
  • Creative customers. Customers who are looking for advice on something closely related. E.g. 'How can I re-purpose use your product whilst cycling to work'. Get creative with them, spend 5-10 mins figuring out ways for them to re-purpose your products. They'll appreciate the effort and have some fun.
  • Everyone. There are many more customers you'll capture if you make yourself available to them.

Who else should take advantage of this?

  • Agencies like ourselves. We're going to start testing out the integration on our agency website. We're excited at the prospect of hand-holding some potential clients.
  • Software businesses. How many people don't understand what you're offering and decide to leave your website? Give them a hand.
  • Anybody who's selling something. LiveChat provides a platform for you to tell your story in as close to an intimate setting as you'll get. Talk to your customer.

Ways to get the most out of your LiveChat integration

  • Keep it personal. Make your greetings a little nicer than the default greetings. Test a few options. For example, a greeting that really engaged customers in the beauty industry is "Hi Beautiful! Do you have any questions?"
  • Setup up some automated greetings. It's super helpful when customers get greetings at timely moments. You can set up a greeting that appears after they've been on the site for 10 seconds. You can set up a greeting that appears after they've added something to their cart, and pick up all of those annoying drop-offs that happen right before customers checkout.
  • Tweak the design to match your brand. Make sure your brand style is prevalent throughout the chat experience. That means match up your colours and fonts. The integration should not feel foreign.
  • Install the apps. Make sure you're always available to receive enquiries by installing the desktop and mobile LiveChat apps.

Cool Features

  • Automated greetings. Do you get a lot of drop-offs just before checkout? You can trigger a chat to pop up right then and ensure you're in a position to hand hold the customer through that process. You can trigger a greeting as they land on the contact page. Trigger, trigger, trigger!
  • Visitor information. Get a bunch of information to ensure you're well informed about the customer your speaking to. This can include their name, location and whether or not they're returning or visiting your website for the first time.
  • Google Analytics integration. You can connect LiveChat to Google Analytics and track how many customers check out after talking to your support team.
  • Canned responses. Save responses into small hashtags that will allow you to quickly respond to frequently asked questions.

If you want to talk about integrating LiveChat or any other similar support channel into your website, we'll help you get set up and start claiming back those sales for free. Email us

Jermaine Craig